UMR website editorial policy

Policy objectives

UMR is committed to establishing the minimum qualifications of authors and sources of Health Content on our website, whether developed internally or licensed from another organization. We also establish and display our editorial review process on our website.


This policy applies to the Health content on the UMR website.

Policy statement

The internally developed Health content of the UMR website will be reviewed initially and at least annually to ensure that the information is clinically appropriate and adheres to clinically accepted medical guidelines. We will defer the editorial review of information provided by external vendors to that vendor. The internal authors and other sources/authors of health information posted on the UMR website shall meet our minimum qualification of possessing at least state license or meet the credentialing requirement for the profession that they represent.


1. The Internet Quality Oversight Committee (QOC) will appoint a medical professional (RN or MD) to review all Health Content, authored internally and obtained from outside sources at least annually. A report of review findings and recommendations shall be submitted to the QOC by the end of the first quarter of each year or soon thereafter. 2. The QOC would then agree in part, or in whole with the recommendation(s) within the same yearly quarter. 3. The QOC will notify Internet Services to update or remove any material found by the reviewing medical professional to be false, misleading, offensive or obsolete. This update shall be completed within 30 days of the annual report.

Health Content submitted for display on the this website will be accepted only from authors who have at least a state license or meet the credentialing requirement for the profession that they represent. Health Content shall display the author’s name, credentials, affiliation with the organization, and the year the information was written, whenever possible. Health Content shall also display the name of the medical director who approved the content.